11 thoughts on “Internet Safety for Kids (Part 2) ~ Prying My Daughter From The Groomer’s Grasp

  1. Vivian, I can’t express enough how grateful are you for sharing with is , so many truth here and lessons for us to take from it. THANK YOU, for choosing to share something that could have bring criticising to you and your family , but 1000 thank you for choosing to expose this situation so the rest of us could be vigilant and be prepared if our families felt victims of this monsters out there in the ciber world. God bless you and bless the relationships with your children’s and husband.

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    1. Thank you, Sharo, for your kind words. Yes, there was a possibility that I would be criticised for my lapse in parenting. So be it. However, I believe my story can help parents who understand how hard it is to be a good parent and aspire to be better at being one. If it can inspire or help just one family, I am contented. If I can touch more lives, that’s a bonus.:)


  2. I read through both this and the previous post. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Vivian. It must not have been easy to handle the situation the way you did, but I cannot think of a better way to do it. I’m glad the issue was resolved, and I strongly believe you’ve set your daughter on a path to become a better, wiser person.

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  3. A friend shared your post, part 1. I wasn’t keen to read a long post but when I was not doing anything, I decided to open the link and boy, I couldn’t stop reading, even with youngest creating a ruckus beside me!
    I too have assumed a similar scenario was quite likely not going to happen as I also have a close relationship (that’s what I’d like to think) with my three kids and that I plan to not allow phones for my sons till…. (I don’t know when actually) and that I had been stressing constantly on the online dangers.
    What you have shared in both Part 1 & 2 is invaluable! It’s an eye opener and a slap on some of my parenting methods! I need to change some things!
    Thank you and I most certainly will be sharing this with my friends and family. Some of them are going through a challenging time with their kids and I hope your posts will help them.

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  4. Thank you Vivian for sharing your family’s story which led to a great conversation between my 9yo son and I about him not using the private chat function to talk to anyone he knows from an online game…even one he thinks is a friend from school.

    He still thinks he will be able to spot the difference but that’s where I also reflect that I need to step up in connecting with him, and loving him more.

    Hugs! What a scare for you!

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    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. If your son is using a private chat function, I would suggest you do a regular check-in with him on what’s going on in that chat. We just can’t be too safe nowadays. And yes, we can never “over-connect” with or “over-love” our kids so keep talking, keep loving. 🙂


  5. Such well written and eye opening post! Thanks for sharing so openly and with vulnerability. But I’m also left wondering….now WHAT?What did you do from there?? What should a parent do in a similar situation? Would a parent then contact the police about X? Did you just cut off all communications or let police continue posing as your daughter in hopes of catching them etc.? How do you keep X from doing this to the next teen? thanks

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  6. Thank you, Grace Elise, for your words of affirmation.

    We have contacted the police as well as the moderators of the Minecraft server. Thanks to the spread of this post, other agencies have also gotten in touch with me for more information so they can work from their end. I’m sorry I can’t say more.


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